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Community Connections


Just over a year ago, the Board launched its FANS Network: (Friends, Allies, and Neighbors) as part of an effort to help people receiving services address unmet needs.  The idea was simple – create a network of community members who were willing to give time or resources to helping people with disabilities.  Since its inception, the FANS Network has enthusiastically responded to a range of requests from the Board, from air conditioning units and new mattresses for people unable to afford these purchases, to the formation of a walking group and book club for people hoping to get healthier and broaden their interests. 

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For most of us, our lives feel most enriched when we have broad access to our families, friends, civic organizations, faith-based communities, and hobbies.  Unfortunately, the connectivity or sense of belonging of people with disabilities is often far less significant.  Even well-intentioned people see those within the disability community as defined by their disability, and thus different and less capable.    

This year, the FANS Network is expanding its efforts towards “community connection”.  By placing a greater emphasis on identifying interests, hobbies and networks, PCBDD’s Community Connections Coordinator, Heather Foll, hopes to link people with disabilities to peers in the larger community with the same interests.  Through this shift in concentration, PCBDD hopes to provide broader, more significant and meaningful connectivity for those receiving services.  



Because of FANS like you, coming together, a new mattress, memory foam mattress pad with waterproof cover and box springs have been provided to an individual who needed them!

Our first completed success story through Pickaway County F.A.N.S Network!

Just last week we had a request come through for an individual who was having difficulties getting in and out of her lane due to the need for new gravel. 

The word was put out to our F.A.N.S Network and one of our F.A.N.S, Craig Arledge, president of Arledge Construction, answered the call for help.

Hello F.A.N.S (Friends, Allies & Neighbors)!

We have had another successful story happen! We recently had an individual who had been sleeping on an air mattress and had told his SSA (Service and Support Administrator) that he needed a mattress.

What’s Happening

F.A.N.S Network

– Our Mission Statement –

Empower people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and be involved in their community.